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Battery Voltage Equalizer - EQ24/48-10

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Battery Voltage Equalizer - EQ24/48-10

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Access 24 Volts from a 48 Volt Battery 

Homes with 48 volt battery systems sometimes need 24 volt power for:
DC motion detecting lights, Nicad battery rechargers, DeWalt/Makita cordless tool car chargers (AC tool chargers can burn out on non-sine wave inverters), notebook computer car lighter charge cords, cellular phones...

With the battery voltage balancer you can tap 24 volts from a midpoint of a 48 volt battery, and the balancer keeps all cells equally charged. Power transfers from the untapped portion of the battery to the 24 volt portion being tapped to maintain perfect balance. If multiple strings of batteries are used be sure to "cross tie" at the 24 volt point. Because the equalizer has 24 hours a day to balance any 24 volt consumption, a 210 amp equalizer will balance intermittent use of much higher current than the rated 10 amp transfer rate. Since the battery supplies the 24 volt power directly, short 24 volt surges are not limited by the converter's 10 amp rating.

These three battery balancers CANNOT act as two-way voltage converter, use a PPT model for that use.

EQ24/48-10 balances a 48 volt battery to use 24 volt power tap: covers 10 amp 24 volt load

1 year warranty.


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