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SunRise Solar PV Direct Attic Fan - 1250 cfm

Item Code:A-ATTIC1250

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SunRise Solar PV Direct Attic Fan - 1250 cfm

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This quiet solar-powered attic fan utilizes a 20 watt, totally weather-proof, PV module to move 1250 cfm in full sun. The cover and base are paintable, molded, UV-stabilized, ABS plastic. The 5 bladed, 12" aluminum fan is pitched for maximum air flow and a stainless steel screen keeps critters out.

Each fan has a factory equipped thermal on-off switch.  When attic temps exceed 80°, the fan turns on.  When temps drop below 65°, it shuts off.  If temperature does not fall below 65° overnight, the fan will start with the AM sun.

Arrives fully assembled!  Typically installs in under an hour.

The flat base measures 24.5" x 24.5" and the overall fan height is 7".
5 year warranty on motor and 10 years on PV module and other parts.

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