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EL-SID20 12V Bat Direct Circ. Pump

Item Code:P-IVAN20-12B

Model #:N/A

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EL-SID20 12V Bat Direct Circ. Pump

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12 volt battery based hot water circulation pump.  Low power, low pressure pump circulate liquid in closed loop heating pipes. Hot water from solar water panel, wood stove or propane water heaters can be used to heat floors or radiators, and even circulate water under water beds and compost toilets.  Use several small pumps, one for each zone rather than zone valves and a bigger pump.  A closed loop system with no air pockets is balanced and has no head requirement for pump except pipe friction.

1/2" threaded fittings.

Draws up to 1.5 amps.  Maximum flow of 5.0 gallons per minute at no head.  Maximum unbalanced head of 7". 

EL-SID pumps use March pump-head with direct electromagnetic drive, no shaft, bearings, brushes, or seals. 

One year warranty.

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