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Phocos CFL Bulb - 15W - 24V - Warm or Cool

Item Code:L-CF15-24

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Regular Price: $24.00

Special Price $10.00

Phocos CFL Bulb - 15W - 24V - Warm or Cool

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Approx. 925 lumens.  6" long.

Bulb with ballast in the screw-base, all one piece, makes an easy 24 volt compact fluorescent fixture. These just screw into a standard full size light bulb socket of a table lamp, ceiling fixture, or other standard fixture connected to 24 volts DC. Just screw this in to replace 24 volt quartz or 24 volt energy gobbling regular screw-base bulbs. You can use the original switch on the lamp, or connect through a wall switch. (Socket must be wired correctly with + to tip.)

The compact fluorescent bulbs give four times the brightness of a regular bulb of the same wattage. Proven good reliability. At 24V, the 15 watt uses under 1 amp. 

Choice of  color is available.  Choose either warm yellow (2700K) or cool white (4100K).  Brightness of each equals incandescent bulb of four times the wattage.

Installation and use note: Polarity must be observed with the center tip being (+). And once on, the bulb must stay on for at least 20 minutes for longest life.

One year warranty

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