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24V Relay & Enclosure - AC Coupling<KIT>

Item Code:O-ACC-24VRELAY

Model #:O-ACC-24VRELAY

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24V Relay & Enclosure - AC Coupling<KIT>

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A double pole 24 volt DC relay and enclosure that Backwoods uses in grid-tie AC coupled configurations.  

AC coupled systems use a control signal from the battery-based inverter to trigger the relay to disconnect AC power to the grid-tie inverter when there is a utility black-out, AND solar power is not needed to run loads or charge batteries.  The battery-based inverter then sustains the loads using battery power.  As the battery bank voltage drops, the relay is triggered to close, re-engaging the array to charge the batteries, and support the household loads.

The metallic enclosure covers and protects the live electrical contact points of the relay.

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