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Delta AC Lightning Arrestor - Model LA302R

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Delta AC Lightning Arrestor - Model LA302R

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LA302R for Light Duty 125-250 Volt Single Phase 3 Wire Service, with 18" leads

  • Rated Voltage - 250V single phase, 3 wire, industrial
  • 100,000 amps maximum current
  • 3,000 joules per pole
  • Unlimited number of surges
  • No leak current at double the rated voltage
  • PVC case material
  • Weatherproof Enclosure
  • DIMENSIONS: 4-1/4" High, 2-1/4" Diameter

Low cost lightning surge protector used on buried wires from solar modules or between buildings. Protects equipment by diverting to ground any voltage surge above 100 volts picked up from close lightning hits. One wire connects to your ground rod and two protection wires connect to cables coming in from outside. No conductivity below 100 volts. Spikes above 100 volts break down silicon oxide resistance and flow to ground, diverting  10,000 amps within 10 nanoseconds. Eventually the plastic can bursts when finally depleted, and needs replacement. Make sure that this device is mounted outside of your combiner box or other enclosure.

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