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Utility Outages & Back-up Power

Backup Power for Utility Outages

Backwoods Solar can supply off-grid power systems to cover utility outages.

UsuallyHouse Lit in the Dark - Living Off the Grid - Backwoods Solar solar panel modules are not needed in utility backup systems, because sunshine tends to be scarce when weather knocks out utility lines. Our Xantrex XW system with batteries is a complete package for back up power and it also offers you the opportunity to sell power to the grid if that fits your design!

This standby inverter and battery system can automatically support a few selected emergency needs during short utility outages. When the utility fails, the system can instantly deliver power to a computer, cash register, pellet stove, or lights for frequent but short utility outages. Batteries are kept at full charge by utility power until an outage, at which time the inverter automatically takes over the selected emergency needs.

Additionally, a quiet, durable propane fueled generator set with a manual or automatic transfer switch can power the whole house during hours, days or even weeks of power outage emergency. No major conservation or wiring changes in the home will be required (but it is wise to add several propane fuel direct-vent room heaters). We can suggest the best quality, quiet, long-lived generator (and non-electric direct-vent gas heaters) to back up a conventional utility connected home during power outages. A local licensed electrician should install the transfer switch between a generator and your utility served circuits.

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