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Battery Life Saver De-Sulfator - 12/24V

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Battery Life Saver De-Sulfator - 12/24V

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This pulse style battery conditioner delivers a square wave frequency signal to each crystal of lead sulfate. This process dissolves the crystals back into lead and sulfuric acid. The end result: extended battery life! Only one unit needed per battery bank. Larger battery banks take longer to get results. In no way should this be used instead of proper battery maintanance. Regular equalizing and hydrometer readings are highly recommended for flooded lead acid batteries.

Tom at Backwoods tested this conditioner on his six year old battery bank of twelve Trojan T-105's. He witnessed impressive results even though he was trying to prove that it would not do anything!

Simple installation with two battery clips: one for your Battery (+) and one for the Battery (-). The reverse polarity protected, potted electronics are set on an anodized aluminum heat sink.

4.5" wide x 2.25" deep x 2.0" high.  11.4 ounces  

For 12V/24V systems unit draws 250 ma maximum: duty cycle 50%

Three Year Warranty

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