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Enphase 240/208v AC MC4 250W Inverter

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Enphase 240/208v AC MC4 250W Inverter

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The Enphase M250 microinverter can be used with most 60-cell PV modules to build grid-tie arrays in branch circuits, or strings, of up to 16 panels each (for 240 VAC; 208 VAC arrays can use up to 24 panels).   The microinverters mount outside with the array, typically attached to rails, beneath the solar panel.  The microinverters convert the DC power from the panel to AC power and feed into a trunk cable.  The M250 has automatic voltage sensing, but the correct Engage trunk cable must be selected to match the voltage, 240 vs. 208, required.  The trunk cable delivers the array power to your utility service panel.  Consult your power company for proper breaker/metering requirements at this key junction point.

Microinverters offer per panel power management and monitoring.  A single panel being shaded will not affect the power production of the other panels/micronverters.
Monitoring through the Envoy and your computer can also indicate if any single panel is having a problem or under performing. 

Recommended input power (panel size): 210 -310 Watts
Peak output power: 250 Watts
Maximum input DC voltage: 48 volts
Peak power tracking: 27 V to 39 V
Operating range: 16 V t 48 V
Min/Max start voltage: 22 V / 48 V 
Integrated ground fault protection 

6.8” x 6.7” x 1.2”, 3.4 pounds

The M250 Microinverters are covered by a 25-year limited warranty.


UL and CSA listed. 

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