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Solar One Battery with HuP Technology - 6-85-19 (24V)

Item Code:B-HP6-85-19-24

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Solar One Battery with HuP Technology - 6-85-19 (24V)

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24V Model Number: 6-85-19/24
Rated A/H @ 20 hours: 950, Minimum charge capability needed is 76 amps
L x W x H per 12V section (in inches): 40 x 8.55 x 25
Weight: 1616 lbs

HuP® (High Utilization Positive) was created in response to another need. Patented in 1982, its original objective was to meet tough new environmental standards, and help eliminate lead dust from the battery manufacturing plant. But it was discovered during initial testing that HuP® also exhibited cycling capabilities well in excess of conventional batteries.

The next step in the evolution process was into Renewable Energy service where the Solar-One® battery with HuP® technology has been powering off grid homes for over 13 years while being charged from clean Energy produced by Solar Modules that turn sunlight in to electricity, Wind machines that tap a valuable resource or Micro Hydro generators that convert falling water into usable energy.

Along with outstanding support you also receive an installation and maintenance manual written for Renewable Energy users by Renewable Energy users. You also receive the manufacturers written warranty. No other battery in the Renewable Energy industry offers the technology, quality, warranty, support, and value of the Solar-One®.

The Solar-One® warranty is a full ten year manufacturers warranty and is very simple. If the battery fails to deliver 80% of it’s capacity in the first year, any defective cells will be replaced by EnerSys including the shipping costs. For the next 6 years any defective cells will be replaced by EnerSys, but the consumer will pay the shipping costs. The last 3 years of the warranty you will be offered a substantial discount on the purchase of a new Solar-One® battery of equal or greater value.

FREE SHIPPING in the continental US (lower 48) to a valid commercial address with a forklift and loading dock.  Call us for a freight quote to all other destinations.

Shawn uses a single string of Hup Solar 1 batteries at his full time off grid residence for large capacity and very few cells to take care of.  Former Backwoods employee Terry Graybeal (retired) also uses a Hup Solar 1 with his off grid system with great success. Feel free to call Shawn to discuss his experience.

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