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Morningstar Sure Sine 300 Inverter

Item Code:I-SURESINE300

Model #:N/A

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Morningstar Sure Sine 300 Inverter

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Our smallest pure sine wave inverter.  300 watts continuous and a 15 minute 600 watt surge. Battery terminals accept 2 gauge copper wire. Use a 100 amp fuse in the (+) battery cable. Current consumed while powering a load is 0.45 amps. With no load, a standby mode is entered which reduces current draw to 0.055 amps. OK to connect to an AC breaker panel. Designed such that an onboard cooling fan is not required. Rated operating range: -40° to +45° C. Input voltage: 10.0-15.5.

8.4"x6"x4", 10 pounds

Two year warranty

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