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Outback 12 Circuit Combiner Box - FWPV12

Item Code:S-OBFWPV12

Model #:FWPV-12

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Outback 12 Circuit Combiner Box - FWPV12

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Holds up to 12 breakers.  Order just those breakers you need now and expand with more as you need them in the future.

Single or dual circuit outputs.  Easy installation.

Outback's Flexware  solar combiner boxes provide National Electric Code compliant overcurrent protection and interconnection of multiple PV modules. Output terminals accept large wires, up to 2/0 AWG size.

These combiners are the best choice to strictly meet electrical code because the code calls for a separate fuse or breaker for each solar module (or each 24 volt or 48 volt or 60 volt or 72 volt series string of modules). They are the easiest combiner box to install because each positive solar module wire connects to one breaker (accepts up to 6 gauge wire) and the negative to a ground terminal. You only buy as many snap-in breakers as you need for the modules.  With a maximum of 12 breakers for the FWPV-12, there is plenty of room to make the connections without straining as in smaller combiner boxes.

The FWPV-12 can have ONE output circuit OR it can also be broken into two individual positive output circuits, each carrying power from up to 6 breakers with separate positive 2/0 output terminals. When so split, each output cable will have only half the solar amperes for smaller wires or longer distance runs of up to 2/0 AWG wire pair for each of the two halves.

FWPV-12: 15.2" h x 12.7" w x 3.9" d;  5.9 lbs

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