Pico Recreation Light Kit and Charger

Pico Recreation Light Kit and Charger

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Pico Recreation Light Kit and Charger


Pico Recreation Light Kit and Charger

The Pico Lamp is a multifunctional stationary or mobile lighting device that is specially designed to meet the needs of rural households and recreational activities. It is equipped with a high-efficiency power LED and excellent charging technology. Its flare housing conceals multiple functions as a ceiling-mounted lamp, a portable, hand-held lamp, and a USB charger (for cell phones, MP3 players, and others) – in a single device.Charging is highly flexible as well: Pico can be powered by solar modules, batteries, or AC adapters. The integrated Phocos MPPT charge controller extends battery lifespan and provides light for up to 55 hours. The robust housing is sealed against water and dust. It also is shock resistant – this protects the electronic components inside from soil, moisture, insects, and malfunctions.
An added advantage: The Phocos Pico Lamp is the only lamp on the market, which has no moving parts thanks to capacitive switches, thus eliminating conventional switch failures, one of the most common reasons for the breakdown of small solar systems.

Dimensions: 11" Tall x 6.1" Wide at the widest point, weighs 1.25 pounds.

Individually expandable to an elaborate Pico System: 
The Phocos Pico Lamp can be expanded individually to a Pico Solar System to meet customer specifications. Design your own Pico System! Just add as many Pico Lamps and accessories as needed via its simple plug & play functionality.

Pico Remote Switch

  • Charging is possible from three sources: via 7 V to 25 V solar module, 12 V car battery, or AC adapterInnovative soft touch switches
  • High environmental protection (IP65) against dust, soil and other climate influences
  • USB output to charge USB devices e.g. mobile phones, MP3 players, etc.
  • High-power LED
  • Three adjustable light levels for best comfort
  • Automatic reduction of the lighting level when batteries are running down
  • Modularly expandable to a solar pico system


"...about the Pico lights...I love them.  I have charged them via my solar system and also via the solar panel that comes with them.  They work great and when I realized that when the light went down to dim it was telling you that it needed charged then that was no problem. I have also charged my iPhone with it using the solar panel that came with it and that also work great so now I have several options of charging things.. We also tried putting the solar panel that came with the light in my south facing window to charge a lamp and it worked so there is also another option.  My one daughter is so impressed with the light she is thinking of purchasing one for her emergency kit.  I am also thinking about doing that. So needless to say I am very, very happy with the whole system that I purchased from you.  Thanks again for all you help. " 

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