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Primus 27' Guyed Tower Kit

Item Code:W-PR-TWR-27

Model #:1-TWA-10-01

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Primus 27' Guyed Tower Kit

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Continuing with their approach of affordable and practical, Primus offers a series of simple and economical tower kits for the Air Turbines.

A tower and turbine should be located in an open area where the prevailing wind direction is unobstructed for several hundred feet.  Buildings, trees, and fencelines all create turbulence that will reduce the harvestable energy in the wind.  

The 27' tower kit sets the turbine at a height considered the starting elevation to avoid the drag and turbulence developed by the ground.  Using a simple cross-piece as a base, and guy wires for structure, the tower is easily assembled and raised by two people.  THE STEEL PIPE IS NOT INCLUDED.  Purchase the appropriate pipe pieces locally.  Refer to the owner's manual for specific instructions on the thickness and length of pipe to use.

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