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Solar Chill 14in Evaporative Cooler - 12V

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Solar Chill 14in Evaporative Cooler - 12V

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High efficiency DC motor operates on just 52 watts. DC power direct from the house battery uses much less energy than AC induction motors.
Using between 1 and 7 gallons per hour brings 8,000 BTU cooling per gallon water used. Has evaporation pad 6" thick. A DC water pump keeps water flowing through the pad, and a separate motor runs the fan. Propeller fans used take less energy than usual squirrel cage fans. Installation with minimal or no duct work gives lowest wattage requirement.  Warranty is 5 years on stainless, 1 year on mechanics.

To help size unit appropriately divide CFM of unit by 3 to get approximate square footage of room.
A-Cool Control is optional but HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
48 volt available by special order.  Please call for more info.
Outside dimensions: 19.3" x 21.5" x 24"
Fan size: 14 inches
Avg Solar Watts Used @ 12V:  38
CFM: 1000
Note: Solar watts used and CFM figures are provided by Southwest Solar and are estimates. These figures are subject to change without notice per Southwest Solar.
This is a special order item.  30 day return policy does not apply to this item.
Model: 1412XP

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