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Solar Chill 18in Evaporative Cooler - 12V

Item Code:A-COOL18-12

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Solar Chill 18in Evaporative Cooler - 12V

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Stainless Steel Construction.

High efficiency DC motor operates on just 73 watts.  12 volt DC power direct from the house battery uses much less energy than AC induction motors. Using between 1 and 7 gallons per hour brings 8,000 BTU cooling per gallon water used. Has evaporation pad 6" thick. A DC water pump keeps water flowing through the pad, and a separate motor runs the fan. Propeller fans used take less energy than usual squirrel cage fans. Installation with minimal or no duct work gives lowest wattage requirement.

Warranty is 5 years on stainless, 1 year on mechanics.

To help size unit appropriately divide CFM of unit by 3 to get approximate square footage of room.

A-Cool Control is optional but HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

48 volt available by special order. Please call for more information.

Outside dimensions: 24.5" x 22" x 24"
Fan size: 18 inches
Avg Solar Watts Used @ 12V: 73
CFM: 1500

Note: Solar watts used and CFM figures are provided by Southwest Solar and are estimates. These figures are subject to change without notice per Southwest Solar.

This is a special order item. 30 day return policy does not apply to this item. 

Model: 1812HP

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