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Crown 6V Flooded - 225Ah Battery GC2 *

Item Code:B-CR-6CRP290

Model #:6CRP290

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Crown 6V Flooded - 225Ah Battery GC2

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  • Crown 6V Flooded - 225Ah Battery GC2


Backwoods welcomes the Crown Renewable Power line to our battery offerings.  Crown Battery has been a player in the world battery market for more than 80 years; focusing on customers, quality, and value.  Crown is now leveraging their existing dealer distribution network to make the Renewable Power line more readily available to a wider market of off-grid customers.

The B-CR-6CRP290 is a 6 volt, 225 amp-hour (@20 hour rate) flooded lead acid battery; that falls into the typical "golfcart" size category.  Golfcart batteries are best suited for smaller 12 volt based household systems; or small single purpose applications.

Each battery is 6 volts, made of three 2-volt cells in one unit.

Dimensions: 10.25"L x 7"W x 11"H, weighs 63 lbs.
Full charge specific gravity: 1.275

Manufacturer's recommended set points:
Absorb voltage: 2.42 volts/cell (14.5v for 12 volt systems)
Float voltage: 2.25 volts/cell (13.5 for 12 volt systems)
Equalize voltage: 2.58 volts/cell (15.5 for 12 volt systems)

Accessories included with flooded lead-acid battery purchase: free Battery Book and discounted hydrometer.

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