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Silicon Salt Battery, 6V, 220Ah *

Item Code:B-SI-6V-220

Model #:YN2-220 Batt

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Silicon Salt Batteries

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  • Silicon Salt Batteries


**Only one piece left.  Consider the alternative, B-SB-6V-230 as the new offering**

6 volt, 220 AH Silicon Salt Battery *

We’ve added a new battery technology to our battery offerings. They are most appropriate for sub-zero temperature conditions. Proper system design is paramountin off grid living. Choosing a battery technology that makes sense for the location, environmental concerns, access to the site and experience of the end user all play a role. One of the biggest challenges many of our customers face is temperature. How to mitigate capacity loss in colder climates is a question we hear quite often. This new battery technology is being referred to as Silicon Salt.

These batteries feature an electrolyte of an ultra-micro composite silicon salt forming solution giving them a smaller resistance ratio of 2 mili-ohm, twelve to thirteen times smaller than that of the lead-acid battery (lead-acid batteries are 25 mili-ohm and greater). Because this resistance is so low they are able to be heavily charged and discharged in an astounding temperature range of -40 degrees F up to 158 degrees F.

We have been testing them in various configurations in Canada. Our testing is covering small two battery 12V banks for telecom towers to large 48V grid-connected back-up systems. They are located outside at fully exposed projects and inside various non-insulated power sheds as well as in insulated garages. To read more about our first-hand experience with using these batteries please click to read this article.

This new maintenance free Silicon Salt storage technology is being widely used by the Military, Telecommunications (UPS), GPS, Computer backup, Electric Vehicles (EV), Hospitals backup power, Airports, and many other applications in many countries. They are being readily used in these industries due to their low maintenance cost and excellent safety.

At this point we have found the claims regarding temperature to be valid. We are not seeing freezing or issues with capacity loss as expected with lead acid batteries. We have also found that after being fully charged and stored for 2 years they have retained 80% of their charge. The only claim we haven’t been able to substantiate quite yet is the longevity claim of 17-20 years. Our Canadian and U.S. testing time period has covered just two years now.

Due to the non-toxicity of the materials, they do not require an MSDS for shipment and are considered non-hazardous. Also, they work well with other components currently on the market. There is no need for a sophisticated battery management system and most charge controllers, set at a sealed battery charging perimeter, work seamlessly with these batteries. If you are working in sub-zero temperatures these may be a good fit for you.

Give us a call for a free custom design of a system with this new and exciting Silicon Salt storage technology.

Dimensions: 12.6" x 7" x 9.0"H, 65 lbs

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