IOTA IQ4 Smart Controller

IOTA IQ4 Smart Controller
IOTA IQ4 Smart Controller


IOTA IQ4 Smart Controller

Iota IQ4 Smart Charge Controller.  Accessory for the standard Iota battery chargers (item codes BC-IOTAxxxx) sold by Backwoods.  Converts charger from single Bulk stage only charging, to three stage Bulk/Absorb/Float charging.

Iota battery chargers used with a generator are typically used for a bulk charging of a battery bank, to take the batteries from a low state of charge to almost full.  The generator is then typically turned off to save fuel costs, and any available solar charging is used to finish the full charging cycle.  This is a great method to "jump start" the charging process in the winter time when days are short and sunlight is limited.

In some cases though, a system operator may want to use the Iota for a full three stage charge itself.  This is often the case when utility power is present at the household as well, and there is no generator fuel use to consider.

The IQ4 simply plugs into the Iota charger via a short cable, adding the "brains" for 3-stage charging. 

Critically important:  Adding the IQ4 to an Iota charger will boost the voltage setpoints.  Ordered at the same time as the charge itself; Backwoods can set the the operating setpoints with both pieces together.  IF YOU ARE ORDERING THE IQ4 TO ADD TO AN EXISTING IOTA CHARGER, be certain to discuss with us how to de-tune the voltage setpoints, to avoid over-charging your batteries.

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