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Midnite Birdhouse - Rapid Shutdown Box- Red


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Midnite Birdhouse - Rapid Shutdown Box- Red

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The firefighter-approved Midnite Birdhouse remote actuator should be installed in a visible, easily accessible location so that the array combiners can safely be disconnected from the ground when necessary. The hard-wired connection to the disconnect combiners provides positive feedback that the disconnect on the roof has actually been thrown. One MNBirdhouse1 can be used to disconnect multiple combiners. The MNBirdhouse1 has a speaker and will announce when it is safe to climb onto the roof, and during the day it will inform that there is still voltage present up to the combiner. At night, it will announce that there is no PV voltage present. The  Birdhouse is powered by multiple redundant sources. It is available in either red or gray. Each combiner can be powered using the array with the MNDiscoPSB power supply that will also power the Birdhouse. The Midnite Birdhouse also comes with an indoor 120 VAC power supply that can be used as a DC supply, and has an internal backup battery. The power draw of the MNBirdhouse1 is only 1 W. Use the special MNCAT5-600 600 V CAT5 USE-2 compliant wire to connect the Birdhouse and combiners.


  • Located at ground level, the Birdhouse provides a safe means to disconnect high voltage PV arrays from MidNite Disconnecting combiners.
  • Hard wired connection gives positive feedback that the Disconnect on the roof has actually been opened and made safe. Connection is via 600 volt Cat 5 USE-2 cable
  • Up to four separate means of power including battery backup insures that the disconnect will be disconnected when the button is pushed
  • Voice confirms level of safety to the person pushing the button
  • Type 3R UV resistant enclosure
  • Able to disconnect multiple PV Disco Combiners
  • 600 Volt Cat 5 USE-2 cable (MNCAT5-600)
  • Firefighter Approved
  • Meets NEC 2014 690.12
  • Warranty - 5 yrs.
  • Made in the USA

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