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TriStar MPPT 60A 600V Charge Controller

Item Code:C-MS-TS600

Model #:TS-MPPT-60-600V-48

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TriStar MPPT 60A 600V Charge Controller

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Morningstar's latest MPPT controller utilizes their new TrackStar MPPT technology coupled with one of the widest PV input operating ranges on the market. This technology enables the controller to harvest the maximum energy from the solar array or wind turbine. It minimizes power loss and provides full visibility of the entire power curve from open circuit to battery voltage, ensuring the maximum power point is chosen under all ambient conditions by using a high-speed sweeping algorithm. The TS-MPPT-600V is rated for 60A output and utilizes power from solar, wind or micro-hydro to charge 48V battery systems. They have a wide operating voltage of 5-525VDC, 600VDC maximum open circuit voltage limit, and buck-boost design which enables flexible string sizing. This wide voltage range also mitigates PV shading or reduced win turbine output by continuing to operate at a lower power. Ethernet cabilities for remote communications, data logging, adjustability, and metering are included and communication ports include Ethernet, EIA-484, RS-232 and MeterBus. Built-in lightning protection protects the unit from nearby lightning-induced spikes. Cooling is provided without active fans via convection through large robust heat-sink. All components are epoxy encapsulated and the printed circuit boards are conformal coated for protection against moitsture and dust. Four-stage charging protects battery health, with additional self-diagnostics and electronic error protections to make installation easier and minimize installation errors and system faults.

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