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CV24/48-6 Step Up Transformer

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CV24/48-6 Step Up Transformer

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Step up voltage converter.  This Constant Voltage converter (CV24/48-6) converts 24 volt input to 48 volt output 6 amps maximum.  

Solar Converters manufactures a variety of voltage regulation products.
We can special order other Constant Voltage and Power Point Tracking converters for specific step up or step down applications.  In a step down application, you may connect one to the end of a long 48 volt wire to get 12 volts for an appliance.  Or convert 12 volts to 24 volts to run the Shurflo 9300 well pump full speed from a 12 volt battery.

Please consult with Backwoods to purchase the transformer that is correct for your specific application.  

Other models available:

Step up:
CV12/24-6 converts 12 volt input to 24 volt output 6 amps maximum.

CV12/48-6 converts 12 volt input to 48 volt output 3 amps maximum .

Step down:
PPT12/24-20/R12 will take 24 volts and produce 12 volts 20 amps max.
PPT48-10/R12 will take 48 volts and produce 12 volts 10 amps max.
PPT48-10/R24 will take 48 volts and produce 24 volts 10 amps max.

2 pounds
1 year warranty

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