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Enphase, Female Sealing Cap for Q Cable

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Enphase, Female Sealing Cap for Q Cable

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Enphase Q-SEAL-10 Female Sealing Cap, For Unused Q-Cable Connectors, IQ Series, Qty. 1

One Q-SEAL-10 Female Sealing Cap is needed to cover each unused connector on the IQ Series Q-Cable. It provides a watertight seal. Enphase watertight sealing caps are IP67 rated. "IP" indicates an Ingress Protection (IP) meaning this connector protects against all dust particles and immersion in liquid.


  • Make sure watertight sealing caps are installed on all unused AC connectors.
  • Risk of Electrical Shock. Unused AC connectors are live when the system is energized by the utility.
  • Do not use the shipping cap to cover unused connectors. The shipping cap does not provide an adequate environmental seal.
  • Enphase watertight sealing caps are required for protection against moisture ingress.
  • If you need to remove a watertight sealing cap, you must use the Enphase Q-Disc-10 Disconnect Tool.

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