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Magnum 2800W 24V Mod Wave Inverter

Item Code:I-ME-RD2824

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Magnum 2800W 24V  Mod Wave Inverter

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Magnum 2800 watt, 24 volt modified sine wave inverter.  Five second surge rating of 6000 watts!  Charger rated at 80 amps DC.  Search mode uses ~5 watts.  On with no load uses 19 watts. 

The RD series inverter/chargers are designed specifically for off-grid use. The PFC battery charger efficiently charges your batteries even at low AC voltage from low-cost generators.  Additionally the battery temperature sensor works with the charger for optimum battery charging. Install the RD Series in four easy steps: Simply connect the inverter’s output to your distribution circuits or electrical panel, connect your power cable (AC) to the inverter’s easy-to-reach terminal block, connect the batteries, and switch on the power.

13.75" x 12.65" x 8", 42 pounds

Two year warranty.

Brian at Backwoods uses a Magnum inverter at his full time off grid residence. Feel free to call Brian to discuss his experiences with Magnum inverters.

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