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Schneider SW4024 Inverter/Charger

Item Code:I-SC-SW4024

Model #:SW4024 120/240

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Schneider SW4024 Inverter/Charger

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In the last few years, we have seen the arrival lithium ion battery technology to the solar electric industry.  Using drastically different chemistry and architecture than traditional battery types; lithium ion batteries provide for a deeper depth of discharge and longer lifespan, all in a smaller package.  Unlike previous battery types, where a set of batteries is charged and discharged as a single unit, lithium ion batteries require management on a Per Cell basis, often managed by an integrated Battery Management System that is built into the battery.    

Schneider Electric has been working with lithium ion manafucturers to build the functionality needed to utilize lithium ion into their existing Conext SW and XWPlus product lines.  Their close work specifically with Discover Battery has created a solution that allows the Discover batteries to communicate directly with the Schneider Xanbus communication bus used by the Schneider products.  The batteries become an integrated component of the SW and XWPlus systems, self-configuring battery charge parameters, and providing the high degree of control and monitoring needed by the lithium ion batteries.

The SW4024 is a true sine inverter/charger with a 3400 watt continuous rating and a 5 second surge capacity of 7000 watts.  Designed for 24 volt battery banks, the AC output is capable of a full 120/240 volt AC.  It's load sharing capability allows a single 120 volt leg to power up to 2550 watts.  The Schneider System Control Panel (SCP) and/or Commbox is needed as a communication/configuration interface to the inverter (each sold separately).  The proprietary Xanbus communication bus allows the inverter to talk with other Schneider Conext components such as the Auto Generator Start Module, Battery Monitor Kit, XWMPPT Charge Controllers and of course the Discover lithium ion batteries.

Several key features include:

  • Integrated Xanbus communication to Discover batteries for auto configuration and monitoring.
  • Generator support; allows power to be drawn off batteries to assist smaller generators at powering larger loads.
  • "Dead" battery charging; charge batteries starting at voltage levels as low as 12 VDC.  (Note: inverter will not resume full operation until voltage is higher than 20 VDC)
  • Frequency shifting for AC Coupling (adding battery capacity to grid-tie systems).
  • Load shaving and time of use configurations, for critical load backup applications.
  • Battery charging from generator works with one or both hot legs  (half charging with only one leg, full charging with both legs)
  • Stacking two units together doubles the inverting and battery charging capacity; BUT surge capacity is NOT doubled when stacking this inverter.

Dimensions: 16.5"H x 13.4"W x 7.6" D
Weighs: 62 lbs
Charging circuit: 90 Amps
Temperature sensor included
Output frequency selectable at 50 or 60 Hz
Self consumption: 29 watts
2 or 5 year warranty, depending on country of installation (5 years in USA).
UL and CSA listed 

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