Firefly Mobile LED Desk Lamp with Solar Panel

Firefly Mobile LED Desk Lamp with Solar Panel

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LED Desklamp - 5LED + 1W Solar Panel


Firefly Mobile LED Desk Lamp with Solar Panel

This is an updated and different verson than previously offered through Backwoods. Previous version had 10 LEDs, it is now only offered with 5, still bright but not quite a bright as before. This version also does not include the cellphone and small electronic charging adapters. The color is orange.

The Firefly (Mobile) Desk Light is a favorite among our crew.  It's a bright little lamp that lasts a good long time.  

Features include:

• 5 LEDs and two settings - The high setting is bright enough to read to, but the low 1 LED is just a night light.
• Solar Panel .8 W Polycrystalline, Aluminum Frame 
• Expected lifetime LEDs and battery (500 mAh) approximately 25,000 hours 
• Lighting Hours Runtime high setting: 4 hrs, Runtime low setting: 50 hrs 
• Manufacturer product guarantee for 1 year.
• Charging Time Lamp charges in 4-6 hours of direct sunlight 
• Wiring Panel Wire: 13 feet

Additional Information

Additional Information

model Gen 2.5 Firefly