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Mighty Mule Gate Opener - FM500

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Mighty Mule Gate Opener - FM500

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MIGHTY MULE 500 Gate Opener activates with the pocket transmitter from 50-100' (weather-permitting), or an optional keypad digital lock. The gate can be set to remain open until a second signal from the operator, or can be set to automatically close after adjustable time from 1-120 seconds, so you don't need to worry if you closed the gate. And it can be released for manual operation in emergencies.

If the gate hits an object while opening it stops, or while closing, it stops and backs off.

Gate can be from 3 1/2 to 16 feet in length, wrought iron, chain link, pipe etc, weighing up to 350 pounds. The gate swings to maximum 110 degrees. Because of wind load, it is not recommended for large solid surface gates. 

Power is from an internal 12 volt 7 amp hour gel cell, charged from either an AC outlet, or an optional 5 watt solar module on site. Use 2 modules for model 502 or in low sun areas. Up to 100 cycles per day with AC charger, 4 to 25 cycles a day with solar charge depending on the season. LOCK accessory is an electrically operated pin that secures gate against forcing. DIGITAL KEYPAD mounts near gate, activating when number combination is entered. With illustrated instructions and a help line 800 number.

Add the security and privacy of a gate to your homestead without the inconvenience of having to open and close it manually! Highly recommended for the reclusive types.

NEW REBATE INFORMATION!! The full line of solar powered gate openers now qualify for the 30% Residential Energy Efficient Property Federal Tax Credit when installed and powered by solar. Taxpayers are allowed a 30% tax credit up to $1,500 for the purchase and installation of these products. Please ask for additional details and requirements in regards to applying for the credit, the following link contains certification information in regards to the tax credit.

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