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12V Bedwarmer - Twin size

Item Code:A-BED-T36

Model #:T36 bed warmer

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12V Bedwarmer -  Twin size

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12 VOLT ELECTRIC BED HEATER PAD goes on the mattress to warm you from underneath. It's perfect for coming home to a cold house, running a half hour before bed time to preheat. Use it for winter camping to take away the chill! Low wattage heat takes a while to get hot, but given time it gets plenty warm. Heating pads are 50/50 cotton/poly, more durable than electric blankets.

Thermostat control responds to room temperature, cycling on and off to maintain the temperature setting. Conventional electric blankets use 200 watts, but these DC bed warmers use under 60 watts. They avoid questionable AC magnetic field exposure. Running current is about 5 amperes, but actual thermostat controlled "power on" cycle is under 50% duty time. Current used actually averages 2 to 3 amperes. It can overheat if folded, so be sure to pin to the mattress to avoid folds.

Comes with cigarette lighter plug.

One year warranty.

36" x 60" - Twin Size

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