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Programmable Timer - 12V or 24V


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Programmable Timer - 12V or 24V

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A programmable timer makes a wake up clock radio from your stereo. Can turn on fax, cell phone, 2 way radio, or a light during scheduled hours. It can cut off phone bells at night, operate grow lights and fans, or start up a refrigerator in a weekend cabin, run a two-wire-start generator and or pump, to pump water or charge batteries daily. Ordinary AC timers fail to operate if inverter is not constantly on, but this timer runs on DC. It's always on duty to control DC appliances where there is no inverter. Or it can turn on an AC appliance which starts up an inverter from search mode. 

Program is set by push buttons, with digital display screen also showing time of day. Timer can be set for up to 8 different "on" or "off" times per day. It can be set to operate all days of the week, Monday through Friday, Monday through Saturday, or just weekends. Has easy manual on-off switch also. This timer uses negligible amount of battery power to run (5-10ma at idle and 30ma when on). Also has internal watch battery (CR2032) that maintains time and program settings if disconnected from main 12 or 24 volt battery for several weeks.

Controls up to 10 amps AC or 2 amps DC. If your DC load exceeds this 2 amp limit, please order one of our 30 amp relays which will handle your load's current while the timer switches the relay's coil. Temperature operating range is 14 degrees F to 131 degrees F. This timer is not a plug in appliance. It connects like a light switch. Easy wire connections are made by pushing in wire and tightening a screw. Includes mounting cover to mount on the wall like a thermostat. Size under 3" square, 2" deep.

This timer carries a one year warranty

The 24 volt version of this timer is what Tom at Backwoods has used since 2004 to operate his water pump in his low yield well to harvest the maximum water from a 1/2 GPM, 440' deep well. It connects to the float switch terminals on the pump control and turns on for 1 hour and off for 5 hours which allows the well to recover between cycles. The timer has operated this way 7 days a week, year round with no issues at all since 2004 and is a great way to operate a pump based on power available or water needed.

The 12 volt version is what Shawn at Backwoods uses to turn on  a hot water circulating pump through a relay to turn on a hot water demand heater when the temp falls below a certain  temp in the holding tank for his solar water heating system. The timer only lets the pump run for several minutes, 3-4 times a day.

The uses for this timer are almost limitless!  

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