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SolarRoyal 30Watt Premium Solar Attic Fan - 1700cfm


Model #:SRSF-30W6

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SolarRoyal 30Watt Premium Solar Attic Fan - 1700cfm

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With over 30 years of product development experience, the Solar Royal Team has tediously developed the most advanced solar attic fan (solar ventilation) on the market. After years of market research and gathering information from various industry professionals, we have created the most efficient, durable, and easy to use solar attic fan you can buy. We would like to earn your business by providing accurate information and to help you understand the differentiating features to others.

The SR1800 series solar attic fan has been engineered to perform in any inclement weather, passing the most recent (2016) rigorous certification, ASTM-E330 & TAS100a-95, which is required by many types of insurable properties. The automotive grade ABS stands up to the mightiest of natural forces, reinforced with the highest quality aluminum components and stainless steel fasteners. Our solar ventilation products are designed to be used in any residential, commercial, agricultural, and utility application.

Our SR1800 series beats out all competitors with its superior technology for high efficiency and clever design (patented) for both aesthetics and functionality. While other products stick out like a sore thumb on your rooftop, our low profile design ensures our customers that their rooftop will look pristine, regardless of installation location. Unlike our competitors, our solar attic fans come with a patent-pending, two-piece design with our ‘drop-and-lock’ feature, which allows seamless access to your roof and never having to jeopardize the water-tight flashing.


The Solar Royal Attic Fan was developed, designed and engineered in the USA to address all the missing features and limitations within the current offerings. Whether you’re trying to ventilate your attic, shed, boat dock, garage, barn or commercial spaces you have found the smartest solution for your solar powered ventilation needs.

Benefits of ventilation products:

  • Cools your home and spaces
  • Exchanges air; changes passive ventilation to active ventilation
  • Helps reduce HVAC costs and cooling cycles
  • Helps remove damaging moisture
  • Extends the life of your roof
  • Qualifies for the 30% Federal Rebate program (unit & installation)

Solar Royal Ventilation Fan - SR1800

  • High performance 30 Watt recessed mono-crystalline adjustable solar panel
  • Aesthetically superior and low-profile design
  • Remote panel w/ quick-connect plug for adding additional panels
  • Removable flashing-base for quick install and adjustment
  • Multi-layer noise dampening design
  • Full-internal airfoil cowling for smooth air exhaust flow
  • Solid and rugged design
  • Thermostat included
  • Secure double-locking feature
  • Lifetime warranty*

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