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Sunjack Electrolighter


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Sunjack Electrolighter

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This little lighter is awesome! Great for just about anything that you can put a match to. Power it up with your portable SunJack and take it with you to your next outdoor activity. Great for hiking, camping and emergency preparing. Compatible with the SunJack battery bank and most powerbanks. A fully charged Electrolighter can last up to 60-80 Presses. 

USB Charging Interface 
The Electrolighter™ can be connected directly to any Sunjack® Panel, Power Bank, and Battery Charger or any other chargers which output 5 Volts-DC (+/-0.5V) or current above 300mAh. Designed with a built-in, intelligent charging circuit indicator that lights up when charging and turns off automatically after a full-charge.

For fast, efficient charging and for the best battery life results, disconnect the device from USB Charge Port after a full-charge.

One year no hassle warranty.

Product Highlights

•   Eco-Friendly

•   USB Powered

•   Full-Charge in 1 Hour

•   Lasts up to 60-80 presses

•   Wind-Resistant

•   Waterproof Casing

•   Dual Cross-Heat X-Beams

•   Sleek and Slim Design

•   Packaging Dimension: 4.75" x 3.75" x 1.25" (12cm x 9.5cm x 3.2cm)

 Before you place order, please note:

Because the item has battery inside, it is not allowed to ship to certain countries, including Argentina, Australia, Brazil, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Mexico, New Zealand, Russia, Thailand and many other countries. Please refer to Dangerous Goods Service Areas for a complete list (under "Dangerous Goods", ones don't have check mark are the countries we can't ship battery to). 

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