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Home Starter Solar Kit

Backwoods Solar Can Help With Your Off-Grid Home Solar Starter Kits

Backwoods Solar has a starter kit for every need. Whether you choose #1 or need expert advice for your own situation, Backwoods Solar can help. Get started on your own home solar power system today!

#1 - Starter Solar Power System

Produces about 0.25 - 1.0 usable kilowatt-hours on a sunny day.

Our Backwoods Solar Power Starter System #1 will provide minimum solar power for a small cabin, motor home, boat, or weekend retreat. It includes all the components needed to get up and running.

A very conserving person can start with 60 to 125 watts of solar to power a few 12 volt lights and stereo. Closer to 250 watts of solar allows more lights, a 12 volt TV, 12 volt water pressure system and a small modified wave inverter for some power tools. Northern winter weather requires backup charging with a generator. Use one or two pairs of 6 volt deep cycle golf cart batteries to make a 12 volt battery bank.


60-280 watts - Smaller 60W or 90W modules; up to two 145W modules.
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Roof, Ground, or Pole.
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Charge Control

12-35 Amp PWM Controller.
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2 or 4 Trojan T-105s & cables.
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QO DC Breaker Box or Midnite Inverter Disconnect, solar & inverter fuses and connecting wires, as needed.
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None or a mid-range inverter like the Magnum 1512, 1500W, 12V Modified Wave Inverter with RC50 Digital Display Remote.
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Recommended Generator

Honda EU3000 AC generator.
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Approximate cost of a system this size is $1200 - $4800.

Other Resources & Information

Take a look at the Photovoltaics Design & Intallation Manual for an overview of photovoltaic electricity, and a detailed description of PV system components, including PV modules, batteries, controllers and inverters. Electrical loads are also addressed, including lighting systems, refrigeration, water pumping, tools and appliances. The manual includes chapters on sizing photovoltaic systems, analyzing sites and installing PV systems. We use one of these here at Backwoods for system design work questions. Great explanations of specific topics for designing off grid systems.

Backwoods Solar is Here to Help

Your home solar system is an important decision and something you will appreciate for years to come. Contact Backwoods Solar if you have any questions or need assistance in determining what parts to get and how they all work together.