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Trimetric 2030-RV Meter only

Item Code:M-TRI-2030-RV

Model #:TM-2030-RV

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Trimetric 2030-RV Meter only

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The Trimetric meter keeps a running total of power into or out of your battery and displays the present level of charge. Referred to as a "net meter", the Tri-Metric is one of the more comprehensive displays a system can utilize.  

The Meter head mounts anywhere in the house for easy checking. Small wires run from the meter to a shunt near the battery.  Note: these small wire should not run parallel to any AC wiring.

This -RV version of the Trimetric has all the same functionality as the A version, in a smaller package with its own mounting enclosure included.

The Trimetric meter reads:

  • VOLTS: this feature only can monitor 2 battery banks, accurate to 1/10 volt. For 12, 24, or 48 volts. 
  • AMPS or WATTS: display measures the rate of energy going in or out of your batteries so you can check your charging systems, and also to see how much energy each of your appliances use. 
  • AMP-HOURS: Your battery state of charge in amp-hours. 
  • % Full: display will give you a quick indication of battery state-of-charge. 

Also shows advanced functions: Flashing alarm reminds that battery needs charging or needs equalizing. Shows days elapsed since last full charge; amp hours cycled since last full charge; total amp hours cycled since battery was new; highest voltage since reset. New Data logging feature records daily maximum battery voltage level, and minimum charging amps to check for proper charging levels for the last 5 days.

One year warranty.

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