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TriStar MPPT 60A 600V Charge Controller with DC Disconnect Box & Transfer Switch

Item Code:C-MS-TS600-DTR

Model #:TS-MPPT-60-600V-48-DB-TR

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TriStar MPPT 60A 600V Charge Controller with DC Disconnect Box & Transfer Switch

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**Two units in stock at lower cost!  Please call to check price!**

The Morningstar TriStar MPPT 600V Charge Controller with Transfer Switch introduces to the market a new approach to adding battery bank functionality to existing grid-tie solar systems.

 Rated for the high voltage of a traditional grid-tie array, the TriStar MPPT 60A 600V w/ Transfer Switch is intended to be inserted between the solar array and the input to a grid-tie inverter. The built-in manual transfer switch is used to direct power to the inverter for normal net-metering operation; and is switched by the operator to direct power to the 600 volt charge controller during utility blackouts.

 When switched to the battery bank, the charge controller delivers array power to the battery bank in a traditional 3-stage, off-grid fashion. The battery bank can be sized to support critical loads in the household; such as refrigerator, lighting, well pump, tv/satellite/computer, or even the whole house if feasible. A separate battery-based inverter is used to generate the 120/240 VAC in this mode, and also provide float charging to the batteries when utility power is available.

Properly sized and balanced, this DC Coupled grid-tie system can run some portion or all of a residence as an off-grid home during extended periods of utility outage.

Backwoods is featuring two models from the line-up.  Along with the charge controller itself, both include a simple disconnect breaker and transfer switch.  The second model; see separatley the C-MS-TS600-DTRG, also includes a high voltage Ground Fault Protection circuit/box.  Choose the model with the Ground Fault Protection if your existing system has no GFP already at the array.

The maximum amount of power the charge controller can utilize for charging the batteries is 3200 watts.  The input power from the array can exceed this amount, but the controller will limit and provide its continuous maximum output current into the batteries.  This means the DC coupling insertion can be on arrays as big as 6000 watts, but the battery charging will only utilitize about 3200 watts of the available power.

Maximum Solar Open Circuit Voltage: 600 Volts (under cold conditions)
PV Input Operating Voltage: 100 Volts to Voc = 525 Volts
Maximum Input Operating Current: 15 Amps (self limiting)
Maximum Battery Current : 60 Amps
Nominal Maximum Operating Power: 3200 Watts at 48 Volts 
Self Consumption: 1.75 Watts to 2.50 Watts
Transfer Switch: 30 Amps, Double Pole, Double Throw
Power terminals accept 14 AWG to 2 AWG wires.

Rated for indoor installation only.
Temperature sensor included.
Digitial Display as seen in picture is NOT included, but recommended.  See C-MS-TS600-MTR, ordered separately.

Dimensions: 21.4" tall x 8.7" wide x 5.9" deep
Weighs 28.1 lbs
5 Year Warranty
CE and ETL listed 

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