Trojan L-16RE-B Batteries *

Trojan L-16RE-B Batteries *
Trojan L-16RE-B Batteries


Trojan L-16RE-B is a 370 amp hour high capacity lead acid 6 volt battery. Trojan's L-16RE-B is better than the industry "standard" L-16 model, which has less capacity and less longevity. It has a reputation of reliability in home power systems.

The L-16 RE-B battery is 6 volts, made of three 2-volt cells wired in series in one unit. Six volt batteries are series connected in pairs for 12 volts, or in strings of four batteries for 24 volts or 8 to make 48 volts. Several series strings may be parallel connected to add more ampere-hour capacity (Three is the maximum number of parallel strings we recommend, if more capacity is desired consider bigger cells like the Rolls/Surrette industrial line).  Each series string of L16 RE-B is rated 377 Ampere Hours, so two strings are 754 Ampere-Hours, 3 are 1131 Ampere-Hours. Interconnect diagrams are supplied

Trojan L-16RE-B batteries are what Tracey at Backwoods uses on her full time off grid residence with Harris hydro power and SolarWorld panels.

11-5/8" x 7" x 17-11/16"

Typical life: 6-9 years
119 pounds

Shipping: Call for freight quote or batteries may be available for pick-up in many locations.

Two Year Full Warranty plus
Three Year Prorated Warranty

With each purchase of flooded lead acid batteries, Backwoods includes a free Battery Booklet, and heavy duty plastic hydrometer at a reduced price of $10 (normally $28).

Please note: This item must ship via truck freight.  We're happy to give you a shipping quote for your order ahead of time.  Just give us a call at (208) 263-4290.  Or if you'd prefer to order online, follow the normal checkout procedure and we will contact you within 1 business day with the cost for shipping these items. If you do not wish to pay the additional costs, we will cancel your order. If you accept, we will charge the additional shipping as a separate transaction. Please read our Shipping Policies for more information.

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Additional Information

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