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Schneider Electric C60 Control ONLY

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Schneider Electric C60 Control ONLY

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These models are currently backordered until February of 2018 due to manufacturer changes. You may want to consider the Morningstar line of PWM controllers in the meantime. 


C-60  60 Amps; 12 or 24  volt

Use for Solar or Diversion Control for Hydro or Wind

2 year warranty
Size 10.25" x 5" x 2"
Built in terminals accept wire size up to 2 gauge

Pulse width modulated, 3 stage charging: full solar charge to Bulk Voltage you set as maximum, then tapers off charge in Absorption mode, just enough to keep batteries at, but not exceeding, the bulk voltage you set. After one hour at bulk voltage, a lower Float Voltage takes effect to prevent overcharge. 

Diversion control: Schneider Electric C35, C40 & C60 can be used as diversion control for wind or hydro. To set up as diversion control, order air or water heat diversion loads.  Battery equalization: Higher voltage automatically equalizes batteries once a month, or can be started manually anytime, or disabled for sealed batteries.

OPTIONAL DIGITAL DISPLAY, sold separately, of both charge amps and battery volts, plus counts amp-hours of charge since last reset. Highly recommended.

**NOTE: As of December 2013, Schneider has discontinued the standard C- series digital display.  The Remote Display with 50' and 100' cable are the only digital displays for the C- series controllers available going forward.**

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