10in 4/0 Battery Cable, BLK THW, UL

10in 4/0 Battery Cable, BLK THW, UL
10 inch 4/0 Battery Cable, BLK THW, UL


10 inch 4/0 Battery Interconnect Cables to connect individual batteries together.

4/0 heavy gauge copper, 10" long, with 3/8" bolt holes.

Mechanically crimped bullnose lugs with heat shrink tubing ensures years of resistance and corrosion free service.

These are what we have used for years on most battery banks we sell with great success.
Remember to order our O-BATCOAT to prevent unwanted corrosion.

Additional Information

Additional Information

model 40.0010-BB with 3/8" lugs
SKU O-BIC-4/0-UL-10

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