AP Systems QS1/YC600 Trunk Cable -Single

AP Systems QS1/YC600 Trunk Cable -Single
Trunk cable for YC600/QS1 - 2m


APsystems QS1/YC600 Trunk Cable -Single

The QS1/YC600 AC Bus Connector Trunk Cable makes cable connections between the microinverter and grid power junction boxes. This easy to install system reduces labor costs and makes for clean design and install. This AC Bus Connector Cable is 12AWG 2 conductor cable and is 2 meters (approx 6.5 feet) in length. 

The APsystems microinverter solution integrates our grid-tied microinverters with intelligent networking and monitoring systems, ensuring maximum performance and efficiency of your residential or commercial solar system. APsystems offers a range of accessories to ensure proper installation and function of our microinverter systems. See your installation manual or contact APsystems technical support department to determine the proper, certified APsystems accessories for your application.

Features Include:

  • 12AWG/2conductor weather coated jacket
  • CSA/TUV certified
  • U-1000-RO2V (TC-ER)
  • 2 Meter Length

Item Weight: 2 lbs


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