AP Systems YC600 MicroInverter- 240VAC/60Hz

AP Systems YC600 MicroInverter- 240VAC/60Hz
AP Systems YC600 Inverter


AP Systems YC600 MicroInverter

Microinverters are used in grid-tie systems.  They are mounted behind the solar modules on the rail system or on the frame itself.  DC power is converted to AC power at the module and fed into a common branch circuit trunk cable which is then fed to the household utility panel.  Converting power at the solar module allows for "per module" power management.  If a single module in an array is shadowed or compromised, it will not affect the performance of other modules in the array; a distinct advantage over traditional string inverters.

The APsystems YC600 is a dual module microinverter, meaning a single unit can accommodate two modules, reducing cost and speeding install time.  Each module is connected via independent MPPT inputs.  AP Systems boasts a wider MPPT voltage range than most competitors, meaning greater energy harvest in low light conditions.  Wireless communication reports operational data to the AP Systems Energy Communication Unit (ECU, sold separately) located in your home.  

Module compatability: 60 or 72 cell modules
MPPT Voltage Range: 22V-48V
Operation Voltage Range: 16V-55V
Maximum Continuous Output: 548W
Peak Output Power: 600W
Nominal Output Voltage: 240VAC
Maximum MicroInverters per Branch Circuit: 7 (14 PV modules)
Operating Temperature Range: -40F to 149F
Measures: 10.24" x 7.4" x 1.24"
Weight: 5.7 lbs.

The YC600 microinverters meet NEC 2014/2017 690.12 Rapid Shutdown requirements and are compliant with CA Rule 21.
10 year warranty


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