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Backwoods Solar Spooky Stories

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Backwoods Solar has spent over 40 years helping our friends and customers by designing and providing components for renewable energy systems. Sometimes we have had to troubleshoot installs that did not go as planned. Backwoods Solar has seen quite a few spooky situations. Just in time for Halloween we give you a small sample of scary troubleshooting stories.

Alan tells the charged tale of the 24-volt solar electric system with a battery bank mistakenly wired in series for 72 volts. Things turned out okay due to the inverter’s internal safety systems that shut down to avoid overload. Alan reminds us of another battery bank that was never maintained properly and failed after 2 seasons. Or the electrifying stories from Brian of backward polarity, incorrect wire sizing and wolves chewing through trimetric wiring. 

Backwoods Solar can help you avoid making these mistakes and others by providing knowledge and materials to help you select, install and maintain your custom designed solar, micro-hydro or wind energy system. And our free technical support for the life of any system purchased through Backwoods Solar is the envy of the solar industry.

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 We offer FREE technical support for the life of the system when purchased from BWS!

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