Is Your Battery Bank Performing At Its Peak?

Is Your Battery Bank Performing At Peak Potential?

While the sun is high in the sky and creates generous amounts of energy during the summer, it may be easy to overlook the operation of one of the most critical parts of any solar electrical system. Now is the time to inspect your system’s battery bank to prepare for this winter’s energy storage needs.

HydroVolt HydrometerWhen any of your flooded lead acid battery cells show low specific gravity think about equalizing your bank. This will help de-sulfate the battery and cause cells to perform more consistently throughout the entire battery bank. Sealed battery owners should take note of any loss of capacity or unusual voltage drops. Sealed batteries should only be gently equalized with a programmable charge controller according to manufacturer’s specifications.

When your current battery bank has reached the end of its useful life span Backwoods Solar Electric Systems can guide Discover Battery 48 volt LiFePo batteryyou through the process of upgrading/replacing this critical system component. We are enthusiastic about our current Discover 42-48-6650 AES 48-volt LiFePO4 battery offerings for 48V/24V systems. Discover Battery offers one of the best battery management systems in the industry and is capable of network integration with many of today's popular solar electric systems. Other performance benefits include more efficient charging and discharging, higher depth of discharge and constant voltage throughout each cycle of the battery. These batteries are in stock and ready to make your solar electric system purr like a kitten.

Backwoods Solar is also currently evaluating a new line of budget oriented LiFePo4 battery systems specifically designed and manufactured to Backwoods specifications for our off grid customers. Brian has installed a beta version of this forthcoming 48v battery bank in his off grid home and has seen excellent performance results. We will continue to update everyone on the upcoming availability of what we feel will be a high quality, high performance battery at a price that won't break the bank.

Give Backwoods Solar a call at 208-263-4290 if you have any questions about replacing or upgrading your battery bank.

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