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Get started on your grid-tie microinverter solar electric system and save money on your monthly electric utility bills with this summertime special from Backwoods Solar. Whether you are a grid-tie system installer looking for a sweet deal on needed parts or a DIY’er hoping to create your own grid-tie system, this starter kit will get you up and running with minimal effort.Magnum MicroGT500 This special package includes two Magnum MicroGT 500 microinverters, two MagWEB GT communication hubs (one as a spare), two AC Extension Cables, two AC Termination Cables, five RS485 to RS232 adapters (used to communicate with Magnum PAE inverters), and 2 female end caps for system expandability. Add up to four 310 watt solar modules and racking (not included) and you can use this system to reduce your monthly electrical utility bill. These products are overstock from a large commercial project. Now we wish to pass these on at spectacular savings. These products are new in box, fully warrantied and are only available in this kit, no exceptions please.

Microinverters can either mount on a racking rail directly below the solar module or on the frame of the module itself. Two modules (up to 310 watts each) can be attached to each microinverter. Up to seven microinverters can be daisy-chained for approximately 3500 watts per string feeding a 20 amp breaker.
Magnum Energy MicroGT500 Microinverter Starter Package, Grid-tie, Backwoods Solar The MicroGT 500 microinverter is equipped with MPPT charge controlling for each module. Module-level electronics mitigates shading issues and increases output and reliability. And for those with an AC coupled Magnum PAE battery-based inverter, this system helps regulate charging to extend the life of your backup battery bank.
package retails for over $2,100. Backwoods Solar is offering this suite of products for nearly 70% off at $649. There is only one package available. Call Backwoods Solar today to get started with your grid tie solar electric project.

Please note: The MicroGT500 microinverter is not compliant with California Rule 21 requirements but is compliant with NEC 2014 and NEC 2017 Rapid Shutdown requirements. These inverters may not be suitable for some installations in California or Hawaii. Always check state and local building codes for details.
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