Save Time And Money By Installing A Pre-Wired Power Center

Save Time and Money
By Installing a Pre-Wired Power Center

When planning the installation of your next solar electrical system be sure to spec a pre-wired power center to save time, money and headaches. Power centers from Magnum Energy, Schneider Electric and Midnite Solar arrive pre-configured and wired, requiring less install time.Midnite Solar E-Panel for Magnum PAE Inverters All necessary components are included so there is no need to source additional parts or worry whether a part was left back at the workshop.

Connections to and from inverters, charge controllers and battery banks have easy access and are clearly labeled. Installations using pre-wired power centers save space in the mechanical room, reduce clutter and provide a level of fit and finish that any homeowner will be proud to display. In addition, many manufactures offer warranty extensions when installing a pre-wired power center in a solar electric system.

Midnite E- Panel for Schneider XW+ InverterThe image to the left is Midnite Solar's E-panel for a Schneider XW+ series inverter and the image above depicts a Midnite Solar E-panel for a Magnum MS 4024PAE  inverter. Magnum Energy also provides interconnection systems utilizing the Magnum Mini Panel (for a single inverter) and MPSL/MPDH panels (for installations of up to four inverters), making hook-ups a breeze. Schneider Electric offers a power distribution panel for their popular XW+ line of inverters. Pre-wired power centers provide a UL/CSA certified wiring solution that will provide your family or business with safe and reliable solar electric power for years to come.

There are many factors to consider when choosing a pre-wired power center including breaker sizing, load capacity and system expansion. Backwoods Solar has the knowledge and over 40 years of experience to help you choose the correct system components for your solar electric needs. Give Backwoods Solar a call today at 208-263-4290 to speak with one of our system designers and let us show you how to save time and money on your next solar electric system install.
We offer FREE technical support for the life of the system
when purchased from BWS!

26% Federal Tax Credit Ends 12/31/2020.
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Eclipse Batteries Now In Stock

Earlier this year Backwoods Solar introduced Eclipse Lithium (LiFePo4) Batteries. These batteries are now in stock and shipping. Thanks to everyone who has sent us their questions and comments; Backwoods has been gratified by the response.Eclipse LiFePO4 Batteries

You can learn more about Eclipse Lithium (LiFePo4) Batteries by following this link to Brian's review of this maintenance free, drop-in replacement for your aging battery bank.

Call Backwoods Solar today at 208-263-4290 to speak with a systems designer and get a quote.

Request a 2020 Planning Guide & Catalog

Backwoods Solar Planning Guide & Catalog
Our 160-page Planning Guide & Catalog is free and has the information you need to make smart choices in the design of your renewable energy solution. The first 30 pages consist of a planning guide that acts as a road map to help you navigate your path to energy independence. Learn about the design elements of off-grid, grid-tie and critical-load systems, among other topics of interest. Determine appropriate system size with included worksheets and system examples while reviewing over 120 pages of recommended product information in one compact volume.

Click here to request a free catalog today.You may also download a PDF version here.

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