Special Purchase Means Special Savings

Special Purchase of Midnite Classic 250 OEM Build Charge Controllers Means Special Savings For The 4th Of July

Midnite Classic 250 Charge Controller (Specia OEM Buildl)The MidNite Classic Charge Controller maximizes the flexibility and features available in a charge controller. These controllers feature ground fault protection so that a separate GFP breaker assembly is not necessary, freeing up breaker space in your DC box. There are three models available that accommodate solar arrays up to 150, 200, or 250VDC of operating voltage.

Backwoods Solar recently acquired stock of special OEM custom built Midnite Classic 250 Charge Controllers. We were able to swing a sweet deal and are passing the savings on to you. These controllers have significant differences in the features offered but will work in most off grid applications. The Classic 250 controller works best in a 24 or 48 volt system with one string of four CSI 325 modules (24V) or 2 strings of four CSI 325 solar modules (48V). 12 volt systems should not exceed 1200 watts of solar input. Maximum 62 amps (at 24v) charging output. 

These units differ from the standard Classic 250 build in the following respects. They have no Aux ports, they have no speaker, no Arc Fault and no stacking jacks. This means it will not work with the Midnite Solar Wiz Bang JR battery monitor kit. However, this unit does come with the battery temp sensor. This build has standard networking and programming functions. These controllers are solar only and not meant for use in micro-hydro and/or wind power projects.

Normal price for these controllers is $825. Now you can get this controller for just $350. Click here for more information and to place your order before this controller sellsout. At this price these controllers won't last long. Supply is limited and pricing applies to stock on hand. Call Backwoods Solar for more information on how to incorporate this unit in your next solar electric system.

Midnite MNPV6-250 Solar Combiner Box
Versatile Combiner Box At Special Price

MNPV6-250 Solar Combiner Box

Special purchase - Special pricing for a limited time

Backwoods Solar has obtained stock of Midnite Solar MNPV6-250. This versatile combiner box can  be used with 3 Double Pole High Voltage (300V) breakers or 3 Single Pole (150V) breakers. The extra space in this box makes this unit easier to wire than the MNPV-3.

Gray aluminum type 3R rainproof enclosure Insulating dead front. Includes 15 position PV negative bus bar and 14 position ground bus bar.

Regular price for these combiner boxes is $126. Now you can get this controller for just $94. Stock is limited. Price is limited to stock on hand. Click here for more information and to place your order before this controller sells out.

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On May 1st Backwoods Solar started collection of sales tax on all orders shipped to the states of Washington, California and Colorado. If you are a Backwoods Solar re-seller and have not submitted a re-sellers permit for any of these states please do so immediately to avoid any unnecessary charges. Please contact Backwoods Solar if you have any questions regarding this new policy.
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