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New 2020 Planning Guide/Catalog
Now Available

Backwoods Solar Catalog RequestBackwoods Solar is proud to announce the arrival of our new 2020 Planning Guide/Catalog. Our latest edition is newly revised and updated with relevant information to assist you in planning your next renewable energy project. With over 40 years of solar, wind and micro-hydro electrical system experience, our planning guide discusses issues related to off-grid and grid-tied systems from large to small.

Along with the arrival of our new catalog, Backwoods Solar is pleased to announce the winners of our catalog cover contest. The winning submission comes from Frederick Dure, whose off-grid adventure facility is located on the Nizina River in Wrangell-St Elias National Park, Alaska. The system involves 4.4kW of solar on 2 azimuth trackers, Outback Electric inverter and charge controller and Surrette batteries.

Our back cover photo was submitted by Noah Hedges of Dubois, Wyoming. Noah's guest house is a simple affair with two 100w modules, a 1200 watt inverter and two 12V batteries. A larger, separate system powers the main house. Both winners received a cash prize of $100.Backwoods Solar Catalog Request

Thanks to Frederick, Noah and everyone else who shared photos of their solar electric system installs.

Our new 2020 Planning Guide/Catalog is free and has the information you need to make smart choices in the design of your renewable energy solution. Click
here to request a free catalog today.

You can also download a PDF version here.

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Only a few weeks are left to take advantage of this special offer. Now through October 31, 2019 receive a $2,000 rebate on every three Discover AES 42-48-6650 48-volt lithium iron phosphate batteries you purchase from Backwoods Solar. Buy three, save $2,000. Buy 6, save $4,000. The more you buy the more you save. Simply register at Discover Battery's web site here to receive a promo code that you must mention when you call Backwoods Solar to purchase your batteries.Discover Battery 48 volt LiFePo battery This rebate only applies to Discover AES 42-48-6650 48-volt lithium iron phosphate batteries.

Every three batteries must be purchased on the same sales order to take advantage of this promotion. Offer ends October 31, 2019. Call Backwoods Solar today at 208-263-4290 to get a sales quote and see how you can save on a new 48 volt LiFePobattery bank.

"...Backwoods Solar’s [Discover battery] support was outstanding. Smart people who use the technology day in and day out, always available in person to dig into detail, figure out answers, and make sure my system went together and worked.
When it’s 20 below and you really, really want that circulating pump for the radiators to have power before the whole cabin freezes up, they’re the people to depend on."
From Ian in Wisconsin.

Click here for more information on Discover Battery's AES 6.65KWh/48V Lithium Battery. Check out these articles from Discover Batteries, Making the Switch and Living Off Grid. Call Backwoods Solar today to get more information at 208-263-4290.
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