Water Pumping Explainer

Water Pumping Solutions
For Off-Grid and Grid-Tied Systems

Backwoods Solar designs and sells hundreds of surface and submersible water pumping systems each year. With every system we ask a number of questions to assist in designing the most effective water pumping solution for you. Below is a list of the items that need to be discussed when considering the design of your water pumping solution. The diagram that follows is a useful reference.
  1. How deep is the well or alternative water source?
  2. What is the static water level in the well (the static level is the height in the well to which the water rises under its own pressure)?
  3. At what depth will the pump be placed?
  4. How many gallons per minute does the well produce?
  5. How many gallons per day are needed?
  6. Will water be pumped to a non-pressurized holding tank or to a pressure tank?
  7. In either situation, how high above ground level is the tank located to determine total dynamic head (lift)?
  8. If a pressure tank is used, how many pounds of pressure are desired?
  9. Will the pump be powered directly from a PV array, implying water is only needed when the sun is shining, or,
  10. Will the pump be powered by a battery bank, either DC-direct or AC from an inverter?
  11. If PV direct, how many feet from the array to the well head?
  12. If battery based, how many feet from the battery system to the well head?
Backwoods Solar Water  Pumping Solutions Graphic

Once we have answers to the questions above Backwoods Solar can recommend the appropriate pump and ancillary equipment to create a water pumping solution tailored to your specific needs. If you are currently developing your water sourceBackwoods Solar Submersible Well Pumps it is important to discuss these questions with your well drilling contractor. Good communication between you and your contractor will make your water pumping  installation go smoothly and operate correctly.

Whether you're looking to develop or upgrade a shallow or deep well, spring, creek, storage tank, or any other type of water delivery system, Backwoods Solar will design and provide the right gear and technical support to provide water to the location of your choice.
Backwoods Solar Aquatec booster and submersible pumps

With over 40 years of experience, Backwoods Solar has the knowledge to help you choose the correct system components for your water pumping needs. Give Backwoods Solar a call today at 208-263-4290 to speak with one of our system designers and we'll help you plan your water pumping system solution.
We offer FREE technical support for the life of the system
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Update On Changes to Backwoods Solar
Business Operation and Procedures

In response to current local, national and international events, and for the health and safety of our customers and staff, Backwoods Solar continues to suspend all walk-in system design consultations and informational visits. We will be happy to consult with you via phone and email, and our web site provides an abundance of useful information and tools that can answer many of the questions you may have.

Local pick-up of orders placed will be accepted with the following caveats:
  • All local pick-up orders must be prepaid with credit card or check-by-phone. We are not accepting cash or checks at time of pick-up.
  • All local pick-up orders must be preceded by phone or email notification to arrange time and date of pick-up.
  • All local pick-up orders will be handled at our loading bay in the front of the Pack River Store which is adjacent to Backwoods Solar. We will meet you at the bay and handle the delivery of product at that time. There will be no need to drive around back to our business offices.
As always, Backwoods Solar will continue our top-quality sales and support via phone and email.

Backwoods Solar understands that these policies and procedures may be an inconvenience and we regret if that is the case. Please call us at 208-263-4290 or email customerservice@backwoodssolar.com if you have any questions or concerns. We appreciate your consideration and understanding during these unique times.

Backwoods Solar wishes the best of health and safety to our solar energy family and friends and we look forward to resuming normal business operations as soon as possible. Thank you.

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