Extech Digital Test Meter

Extech Digital Test Meter
Extech Digital Test Meter - Portable


Extech Digital Test Meter

VOLTS shows four decimal places up to 600V DC, four decimal places up to 40V AC and five decimal places to 600V AC. This is important for checking battery condition, with tiny variations between some cells.

AMPS reads up to 10 amperes DC or AC, enough to test the current of a solar module or many DC appliances.

OHMS and milliamperes scales, audible continuity beep, diode test etc.

This Extech brand meter is very reliable- no breakdowns or returns.

     Current Model includes temperature probe

     5.43" x 2.83"  Size (Picture may differ from meter in stock)

     5.4 oz weight

Specifications may change without notice due to availability. Call for current model availability.


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