Discover AES Li Battery - 44-24-2800

Discover AES Li Battery - 44-24-2800

Discover AES Li Battery - 44-24-2800 New Lower Price


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Discover AES Li Battery - 44-24-2800 *

Discover Energy Lithium-Ion Battery, 24 volts, 2800 watt-hour capacity. Xanbus enabled model. Mulitple batteries, up to 10 max, can be tied in parallel for higher capacity battery banks.

Using drastically different chemistry and architecture than traditional battery types lithium ion batteries provide for a deeper depth of discharge and longer lifespan, all in a smaller package.  Unlike previous battery types, where a set of batteries is charged and discharged as a single unit, lithium ion batteries require management on a Per Cell basis, managed by an integrated Battery Management System that is built into the battery.  With lower internal resistance than traditional batteries, Li-Ion batteries can be charged and discharged at much higher rates (higher amperages) than normal.  Lithium batteries can also be operated at a partial state of charge for extended periods without suffering any ill effects.  The fast charging and operational at a partial state of charge can allow for shorter generator run times, and convenient charging as getting the battery back to fully charged is not necessary.

The on board Battery Management System (BMS) monitors cell and battery voltage, battery current, temperature, and state of charge.  The BMS also performs balancing of the individual cells, micro-managing the charging of each cell individually.  The BMS sounds a buzzer when fault limits are reached, reports a fault, and then will shut the battery down after a delay of 120 seconds.

Schneider meets Discover
Schneider Electric has been working with Discover Energy to build the functionality needed to utilize lithium ion into their existing Conext SW and XWPlus product lines.  Their close work specifically with Discover has created a solution that allows the Discover batteries (44- and 42- series) to communicate directly with the Schneider Xanbus used by the Schneider products.  The batteries become an integrated component of the SW and XWPlus systems, self-configuring battery charge parameters, and providing the high degree of control and monitoring needed by the lithium ion batteries.  Given our track record with Schneider products, and Discover's history as a battery manufacturer; Backwoods has chosen this solution as our first offering into the Li-Ion field.

Integration of the Discover and Schneider products does require a Bridging Adapter to handle the proper communications.  Sold and sourced seprately at this time, please call Backwoods for recommendations.

Besides the Xanbus comm port the battery features an AES bus used when putting multiple batteries in parallel.  A serial bus (USB) is also available.  A laptop computer with the Discover application can directly monitor the battery, accessing instanteous performance information as well as long term data logging.  Discover also makes a basic meter that can be used to monitor this port.

Voltage on Li-Ion batteries holds steady over a wide state of charge, allowing the system to operate at a healthy battery voltage even when the batteries are heavily discharged down to a state of 20% or lower; allowing for a greater amount of usable power in a given package.  Caution: At 20% SOC the battery can self-discharge completely within 2 months, and can become non-recoverable.  Discover advises storing of batteries at an 80% SOC, where the self-discharge is much slower.

The Li-Ion batteries have a narrower temperature operating range, and are best used in environments at typical room temperatures.  Backwoods does NOT recommend using this type of battery in a cold environment. 

Discover warrants the battery to retain at least 60% of its rated storage for 10 years, or a total energy throughput of 16 MWh, or an annual throughput of 1600 kWh.

Charge Temperature: 32F to 113F
Discharge Temperature: -4F to 122F
Optimized Temperature: 59F to 77F

Nominal Voltage: 25.6 volts
Charge Voltage: 27.2 volts
Maximum Voltage: 29.6 volts
Minimum Voltage: 22.4 volts
Nominal Capacity: 110 Ah
Bulk Current: 0.5C or 55 amps recommended, or 110 amps maximum 

Dimensions: 13"L x 13.3"W x 10.8"H
Weights 88 lbs
Steel case
Cell Chemistry LiFePO4
UN 38.3 shipping certified
UL 2271, 1973, and IEC 62133

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