Diversion Heat Load - 36A - 48V - 2160W

Diversion Heat Load - 36A - 48V - 2160W
Diversion Heat Load, 48 volts, 2160 watts


AIR HEATER DIVERSION LOAD box as pictured with connection terminals.

The 48 volt model can divert 36 amps for a total load of 2160 watts.

22 Lbs.

16" x 13.5" x 4"

When diversion control is needed for hydro, wind, or in combination with solar, use these heater loads with a diversion capable charge control. Controls that can operate as diversion type include Schneider C-Series and Morningstar Tristar.

Diversion never disconnects the charge source from the battery. The control connects to the battery and "absorbs" or "burns off" exactly enough power to offset any excess charging. The load dissipates the surplus power into heated air or water. Diversion heat loads should be selected for at least as many amps as all charging sources combined, but must be several amps LESS than maximum amp rating of the control to be used. A load that accepts more amps than the control can handle may cause the control to shut down. Call Backwoods Solar to discuss which diversion load is appropriate for your installation.


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