Eclipse 12V, 100ah LIFEPO4 Battery V2

Eclipse 12V, 100ah LIFEPO4 Battery V2

Eclipse 12V 100ah LIFEPO4 Battery

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Eclipse 12V 100Ah LIFEPO4 Battery Ver 2 (Backwoods Solar exclusive)

In Stock Now

Backwoods Solar is proud to be the exclusive distributor of the new Eclipse LiFePobattery. Eclipse LiFePo4 batteries offer longer life span, greater depth of discharge and decreased size and weight over conventional lead acid batteries. The sophisticated Eclipse Battery Management System (BMS) provides active cell management for impressive discharge and recharge efficiency. Eclipse LiFePo4 batteries are sealed so off-gassing is eliminated; no active venting is needed. There is no need to maintain water levels or take hydrometer readings. Eclipse 24v and 48v models come with a digital battery meter that indicates voltage, current, watts and kWh used for instant feedback of the batteries performance. Eclipse 12v models include a State Of Charge (SOC) LCD display. Ease of installation and operation make the Eclipse LiFePo4 battery as close to a zero maintenance lithium battery that we have come across.

The Eclipse 12V 100Ah LiFePO is a great "drop-in" replacement for your 12 volt battery bank, whether used in an off-grid tiny home, RV or marine use. With a cycle life of up to 7000 cycles to a 50% Depth Of Discharge (DOD), this battery will still have well over half of it's capacity left. This may be the last battery you need to buy! (Cycle life may vary based on application and operation).

Nominal Voltage - 12V
Nominal Capacity - 100Ah
Max Continuous Charge Current - 50A
Max Continuous Discharge Current - 100A
Operating Temperatures - Charge 32 ~ 113°F / Discharge 14 ~ 131°F

Storage Temperature -  14 ~ 113°F
Cycle Life - Up to 7000 cycles at 50% DOD, +/- 80% battery capacity remaining

Size - 7 1/4" W x 7 1/8" D x 9 1/16" H (top of cap)
Weight - 28.66 lbs

This battery ships UPS

Warranty - 7 year (3 year full replacement, additional 4 years pro rated)


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Additional Information

model E-12-100-V2
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